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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Media Characteristics

Cross-media partnership

Wave 1 : Feeling/Gael & Knack Weekend/Le Vif Weekend
Wave 2: Feeling/Gael & Flair NL/FR

  1. Editorial articles: tutorials, reviews, …
  2. Advertorials: combination storytelling + sampling
  3. Vlogs of ambassadors
    Feeling vlog – GAEL vlog readers and surfers
  4. IG live sessions with Estée Lauder expert
  5. Masterclass workshop-video with make-up artist: “how to create your perfect party look”
  6. Dedicated emailing sent on Black Friday to boost sales.

Reason best Practice

Ideal cross-media partnership reaching the intended target groups: Feeling/GAEL, Flair NL/FR, Knack Weekend/Le Vif Weekend
through all available mediachannels: print, online, social media (IG + FB), e-mailing 

Combining several smart native solutions: editorial content, co-creation by ambassadors (vlog + video), storytelling, sampling, dedicated messages (e-mailing) 

Resulting in achieving the set objectives.



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