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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign fashion was looking for a way to increase awareness & becomeTOM among Flemish women 25-54. 
A keen content strategy resulted in a successful 360° campaign, with integrations in magazines, online stories and long reads, video content and social media buzz. 
This native campaign highlighted the new fashion store, provided highly appreciated fashion inspiration – orchestrated by fashion experts and influencers – and boosted overall brand performance results.
The first wave in 2020 created awarenessthe second wave in 2021 went a step further by nurturing prospective customers through the purchasing decision. We created inspiring content (consideration phase) but also provided tools as sliders, QR-codes and clickable videos to complete the purchase funnel and generate conversion.

Media Characteristics

We chose a tailor-made 360° content strategy combining inspiration, expertise, storytelling and engagement and shared the content trough different angles:

Reason best Practice

We chose a high-performance 360° content strategy and formed a smart alliance between Roularta and Ads&Data in order to create maximum relevance, impact and visibility among the target group.

The collaboration between the two sales houses cleverly handled production costs, so that the relationship between distribution and technical costs remained nicely balanced.

Research shows an increase of awareness of 36% among Flair readers and 51% among Libelle readers. Consideration for buying fashion online increased with 39 and 24%.
The content definitely caught on with our readers with high click through rates (0,5%) and long reading times (up to 4 minutes). 
The campaign was very successful. The collaboration for fashion continues as we speak. 



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