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March 26, 2024


Billboards, Entertainment, Out Of the Box, Point of Interest, Street

Objective Campaign

The primary goal of this campaign is to motivate our target audience, specifically families with children aged 6-12 and Disney enthusiasts, to experience the enchantment of Disney Studios’ latest film, “Wish,” by encouraging them to attend screenings at their local movie theaters.

Media Characteristics

The campaign strategically targets locations where families with children spend quality time during the end-of-year period. This includes bustling shopping streets, popular shopping malls, festive Winterpret/Plaisir d’Hiver events, and theaters hosting performances covering the Saint Nicolas and the Christmas season.

Reason Best Practice

The success of this campaign hinges on the seamless integration of captivating visuals in precisely chosen locations. By strategically placing these beautiful images in areas frequented by our target audience, such as shopping streets and malls during the holiday season, as well as theaters hosting children’s performances, we ensure that the campaign resonates with families and Disney fans alike. 

This thoughtful approach aims to create a magical connection between the “Wish” movie and the joyous experiences associated with the end-of-year festivities, ultimately driving attendance and enhancing the overall impact of the campaign.



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