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March 26, 2024


DOOH, Out Of the Box, Street, Transport

Objective Campaign

This innovative initiative aims to broadcast the works of Belgian and international artists on the digital screens of Clear Channel, thus transforming public spaces throughout the country into a unique artistic showcase.

The objective of this audacious project is to bring art closer to the hearts of the public, by offering visibility to talented artists, both emerging and established, ranging from painting to photography, including sculpture and art.

Media Characteristics

For several days, all of the Clear Channel digital screens, from the train station to the busy streets, have become virtual canvases, exhibiting a wide diversity of contemporary works of art.

Reason Best Practice

This unique initiative allows passers-by to discover art in their daily lives, creating a unique link between art and everyday life. In this way, Clear Channel has unveiled the largest out-of-home art gallery in Belgium.

More than a campaign, this is a long-term effort to support and promote local and international artistic talent, contributing to the dynamism of the Belgian art scene!

And it works, the QR-code next to the artpieces has already been scanned over a hundred times.



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