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January 4, 2024



Objective Campaign

Target audience – Audi organised a ‘Direct Mail’ campaign for the launch of there whole new Electric & plug-in Hybrid campaign. The main objective was to raise awareness on there new E range. The catalogue was part of a national media mix strategy. 

Objectives – Raise awareness on the launch of the new Electric & Hybrid range. Stimulate consideration on the new Electric & Hybrid range

Strategy & Execution

Reason best Practice

With the help of Selectpost and a smart segmentation they where able to enlarge their potential in new possible Audi EV buyers.

The goal of choosing offline media as part of a bigger media campaign paid out, because 75% of the interviewed panel recall the DM from Audi, with a 86% correct attribution.

Because we found a connection between a new group and the brand. This fit caused the prospects to spend a long time with the brand. Also thanks to a good catalogue prospects spent an average time of 4min 14sec with the brand. Few other media channels can match this duration.

The Eye of the Expert

“Their boldness to look for new target groups with Selectpost in new industries, results in an expand of new prospects. Together with the right content & channel made the target group spend a high amount of time with the brand and stays TOM (high recall)”



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