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Alcon: 2 drop challenge

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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Win Market Share on Systane Complete
Gain new Systane Complete users by convincing them to do the #2dropchallenge.

Eye Drops is not an easy category to understand, the symptoms are often overlooked & misattributed to external factors.

Cinema is very selective on a young, active urban audience so ideal to do a combination of the more informative spot combined with sampling of a small Systane complete product to try and discover the advantages yourself.

Media Characteristics

Cinema is for our urban active audience, the most proven image-building medium due to the impactful combination of power of sight, sound & (E)motion which is important for a brand with low brand Awareness and preference.

Captive audience (no avoidance possible), so ideal to communicate a more ‘difficult message’ Due the qualitative audience, the ideal place to sample our product and invite them to do our #2dropchallenge and see if you suffer also from dry eyes.

Reason Best Practice

Alcon is not an evident product. It’s about healthcare so we need to inform also within the spot. We tried to create a real experience with ‘’fairy tale” hostesses distributing free samples of Systane Complete.

En chosisissant pour le cinéma, Alcon a misé sur la construction de la notoriété pour la marque Systane auprès de la cible jeune, active et urbaine en combinaison avec une action de sampling permettant de faire l’expérience du produit.



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