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January 8, 2024


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Objective Campaign

For a high end brand as Chanel brand safety in any advertising context is essential.

In the brand’s renewed effort to be perceived as a playful and joyful brand aimed at young females (18-34 year ) and very importantly, in a qualitative environment, Chanel had opted for a 360° cinema campaign with an on screen spot, a complimentary CineTouch display campaign and a spray sampling in theater for their perfume CHANCE before the start of custom selection of movies.

Media Characteristics

“We chose to present the new CHANCE movie in cinemas as it was the best place to express the power of the creation and generate emotions.”

“The sampling in 7 different cinema locations enabled us to reach our audience in their daily life via a direct contact and nice approach.” Aude Guillon.

The Chanel hostesses were also equiped with iPads to gather contact details of their potential customers for future communications.

Reason Best Practice

Chanel, a premium brand with its own strict brand guidelines confirms that looking at cinema as an 360° experience medium is an effective touchpoint strategy, complimentary with digital.

The spray sampling of the perfume was a thoughtful activation. Not only CHANCE left a recognizable and familiar scent with the target group, it’ll be a memory association not so easily to be forgotten.

Chanel a choisi pour l’environnement du cinéma pour l’environnement qualitatif avec garantie absolue de brandsafety et pour exploiter pleinement les possibilités de combiner les messages créatifs autour de l’image de marque avec un sampling.



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