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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

The main objective was to increase the brand awareness for, the label from VLAM that wants to support regional products. This label gives the product a certification of quality, which is something VLAM wanted to showcase.

Media Characteristics

In ‘In De Buurt’ from Het Laatste Nieuws we searched for the regional product of the year. This became a spearhead campaign for ‘In De Buurt’ and was treated as such. A complete multimedia campaign was set up together with to generate awareness and to highlight the strong regional department of Het Laatste Nieuws.

We created banners, print ads and audio and video spots, which could be seen and heard on both radio and television. We set well-known regional products against each other, thus reinforcing the Flemish people’s feeling of pride for their region.

Reason best Practice

The timing of the campaign for VLAM coincided with the launch of an important pillar of Het Laatste Nieuws: regional news under the title ‘In De Buurt’.

This important crossroads of ambitions for 2019 resulted in a major joint collaboration. The distribution of the campaign was a smart mixture between regional content and a national call to action, topped off with an editorial partnership.



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