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Cristal – Limburger gevoel

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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Confirm the inhabitants of the Belgian province of Limburg in their ‘Limburgergevoel’ and give the local beer brand ‘Cristal’ a prominent place in that communication. Work well within the limits of legislation and corona lockdown.

Media Characteristics

MH Brand Studio designed a voting platform for the icons of Limburg and combined this with a smart targeting campaign to draw over 4,500 Limburgers into selecting their favourite icon. Traffic generation leaned heavily on native ads, blended into the pages of our popular newspapers.

Reason best Practice

By adding Cristal to the election of icons of Limburg, we had over 4,500 supporters endorse the brand as part of the ‘Limburgergevoel’. Both the customer and the publisher benefitted from a positive campaign that gained wide local and national exposure. Bonus: we hardly had to talk about Cristal… our readers happily took over.



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