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UCL Louvain – Virtual Discovery Days

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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Target audience – Students in the 5th and 6th grade (17 & 18 y.o.)

Objectives – Activate future students to participate to open courses and discover the university during the virtual discovery days

Strategy & Execution

Despite the code red, UCLouvain organized open courses from 15 to 19 February allowing future students to get to know the University, attend classes, discover university life and get a clearer idea of their future choice of studies.

As the courses were given by distance learning, UCLouvain has adapted. It has sent 7,000 headsets to future students enabling them to follow courses in virtual reality. They were able to follow the courses on video or live on Teams, participate in chats with professors and students, and discover the campuses in virtual reality.


Reason best Practice

The Eye of the Expert

A very clear leaflet with the main messages/events on a different color background The 2 main subjects (open coursers, virtual discovery days) are clearly explained The usage of a QR code and explanation allowed the students to discover the university and its campuses in a user-friendly way.



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