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January 4, 2024



Objective Campaign

Target audience – Smartphoto has developed a special range for the upcoming communion celebrations. The range contains all the necessities and extras to make it a successful party from Photo cards, original invitations, personalised garlands to a great thank-you gift

Objectives – Raise awareness on the new Smartphoto range & possibilities during the communion festivities.

Drive to web; this DM erves as an inspiration together with the discount to visit the website

Strategy & Execution

A Direct Mail is sent out to prospects (selectpost) and existing clients . The goal of this campaign was to play out the moment of the communion festivities. A beautiful envelop + letter had been sent out to specific prospects. Those were only families with children born in the years 2010, 2014 & 2015.

Besides raising their awareness on the new range for communion festivities, was the goal to push them towards the website to discover it even further. Therefore, they played out the strength of this campaign, their ‘phygitalness’. Where you start offline with a strong DM campaign focused on awareness (+ acquisition). 3 weeks later they sent out a follow-up/reminder email with an integrated discount, with the goal to drive them to the website.

Reason best Practice

The Eye of the Expert

“The braveness of Smartphoto has been rewarded with this innovative campaign. They played out a strong top topical moment by adding Selectpost for finding the most relevant target. After which, they opted for a DM + email strategy to play to their campaign’s full potential and resulting in a strong conversion!”



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