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February 28, 2024



Objective Campaign

The goal of the campaign was to promote the release of the movie Rocketman. A biographical musical film based on the life of musician Elton John. To catch the consumer’s attention we created a unique and memorable experience that matched the plot of the movie perfectly.


Media Characteristics

Both wrapped Elevator Walls XL in Antwerp-Central station one with an interactive piano of 4,5m long.


Reason Best Practice

For this campaign we expand the message beyond the borders of traditional OOH. We used a giant interactive piano of 4.5 meters wide that perfectly reflects the piano genius of Sir Elton John. People could play the song Rocket man with the help of the score on the ground. This one-of-a-kind action allowed people to use the piano for the first time in Belgium. The eye-catching campaign led to a high number of consumer interactions. The system was equipped with a monitoring device, which made it possible to register every keystroke. Passengers hit the piano keys over 400.000 times during the 14 days campaign period. This results in more than 67.000 hits during peak days.



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