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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

As part of the new brand positioning ‘Think Possible” Proximus launched Proximus Pickx, their digital TV content platform.

Since there was a very clear link with actor Brad Pritt in the launch video – “We see you baby…living with Brad” – and a recent movie release in cinema starring Brad Pitt in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, Proximus was interested to complement their media plan with a cinema campaign. In addition, the core cinema audience is very similar to the users of the Pickx platform.

Media Characteristics

In store: Per full sticker album the client received for each purchased entry ticket, an extra entry voucher for Disneyland Paris or alternatively: cinema vouchers at a reduced price. The consumer could purchase up to 4 cinema vouchers at 7 euro per piece, valid in the main Belgian cinemas.

An on-screen cinema campaign targeted af families re- enforced the communication of Carrefour and raised more awareness on the Disney sticker albums.

Reason Best Practice

Sometimes all you need is a simple link in content that turns cinema into a relevant medium asset for your media plan. Cinema planning has evolved and showed to be very flexible in terms of buying per movie and or target group.

Proximus did the first and gained a very qualitative reach with a small add-on budget.

Proximus maakte slim gebruik van cinema bij de lancering van het nieuwe digitale tv-platform Proximus Pickx, met de nieuwe baseline “think possible” : voor een relatief klein aandeel in het totale mediabudget, kan je toch een hoge ‘share of voice’ in de cinema’s verwerven en door middel van 45 seconden spot ruim de tijd nemen om je boodschap over te brengen.



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