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November 28, 2021


Non-profit, Out Of the Box, Services, Street, Transport

Objective Campaign

Because a nice action deserves a nice attention! Mooimakers thanks and encourages the population to keep the environment clean through a large and playful awareness campaign, with Clear Channel and Urban Media.


Media Characteristics

Thumbs up! Pico bello!
Mooimakers is giving a big thumbs up to all those who help keep Flanders clean.
To raise awareness of cleanliness, three bus shelters have been completely dressed up and equipped with a waste bin and a screen over it.

For each piece of waste thrown away, the spot adapts with emojis congratulating passers-by for their civic act.
This playful action can be seen in Antwerp (Koningin Astridplein), Gent (Wilsonplein) and Ostend (Mac Leodplein). It is also reinforced by a massive presence on Adshel 2m² panels in the north of the country.

Reason best Practice

A real experience for the public on the move and an OOH campaign that really raises awareness! What better way to make people aware of the importance of keeping public spaces clean than to set an example right on the streets? OOH is clearly the best medium to show the way!



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