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March 28, 2019


Finance, Out Of the Box, Point of Interest

Objective Campaign

In Direct proximity of the BATIBOUW salon in Brussels, in order to attract the client attention about the possibilities of renovations credit.

Media Characteristics

A complete wrapping of the metro station entrance on all format available : An impactful communication that plays with the environment insert frames like bathroom mirrors, 2m² mupi like electrical boards, mosaics placed on 2m² mupis Wrapping sticker on the roof, walls etc.

Reason best Practice

To take advantage of the enthusiasm generated by the Batibouw Fair, Keytrade Bank has opted for an original media presence. Rather than booking a traditional stand in a Heysel palace, the bank chose to completely redecorate a metro station near the event! All in the colours of Keyhome, the online mortgage credit of online banking. From the station’s roof to the stairs, everything has been dressed in “trompe-l’oeil”, representing probable renovation work: new roof, new radiators, new electrical installation, etc. A creative media blink that fits in well with the DNA of Keytrade Bank, a bank that wants to be different from the others. This “take over” is visible until March 4.



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