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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Cross-selling during a relevant moment for families with (grand)children: the school holidays.
Telenet sends letters to families with kids, young adults and grandparents right before the holidays with a special promo to watch Play for free until the next holidays (Spring & Easter holidays)

Media Characteristics

The approach DM (letter) with promo code, describing the USP’s of Play in a simple way.
They targeted Play “high potentials” | Families with kids, young adults and grandparents.

(1) Media mix Spring: Direct Mail only
(2) Media mix Easter: radio, online bannering, social media, pre-roll + Direct Mail

Reason best Practice

Reason Best Practice (cont.)

Boost your sales with Direct Mail in the mix
Both standalone Direct Mail or on top of a classic media mix, the activation boost of DM is highly effective.
clear added value: +353% vs +313% conversion uplift, +240% vs +244% sales uplift

Enter the right home at the right time with the right message (DM=relevant)
Families with kids were the perfect target, whereas school holidays were the perfect timing. A tailored 121 message in the heart of the home topped it off as the perfect message.
Impact of good targeting: 1€ returns 5,18€ within strongest target

Convince other (difficult) profiles with Direct Mail in your mix
Families with kids and mediors/seniors showed the highest conversion uplifts, indicating a clear added value of Direct Mail on top of an above the line mix
These conversion uplifts where also reflected in the barometer results: 80% recall amongst families with children versus 60% for others targeted

Attract with a strong promotion and harvest the results until long after
A strong ROI is guaranteed as new members will stay member for a long while after.



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