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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Choosing cinema as an advertising medium for Robijn, a laundry detergent, is quite suprising at first thought. But Unilever had good reasons to do so.

During the Summer months the traditional media score lower in reach, but not so in cinema. In order to maintain their reach on families during this period, cinema was the medium of their choice. The existing TVC could easily be replicated for cinema usage.

Media Characteristics

Robijn chose the periods strategically in order to be present in 4 waves during the year. The Summer of 2019 was an exceptional strong movie period with number 1 movie The Lion King.

By consequence Robijn managed to obtain the reach in cinema they were lacking in the same period with the traditional media.

Moreover, the preshow impact research that was executed during the Summer revealed that the ad scored very high on likeability.

Reason Best Practice

With the help of Brightfish cinema expertise, historic backdata and an attractive family movies line-up, Robijn showed the guts to premiere on the big screen.

And it proved to be a very efficient choice. The results showed signicifant increase in purchase intention (STAS).

Robijn is een goed voorbeeld van slimme tactische keuzes bij het overbrengen van een wasproduct uit de hyperconcurrentiële omgeving van massamedia naar de gecibleerde contexten die cinema kan bieden.



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