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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

Rio Mare chose Rossel Advertising & Efluenz in order to bring awareness and consideration to the brand. The purpose of the campaign was to make the brand even more upscale and position it as a « sexier » italian brand through recepies and this in a very Italian style. The message of this positioning campaign ? « The easiest to the Italien well-eating ». This campaign aimed at reaching people in charge of purchase aged between 25 and 54 years ol
With their classic media campaign ‘Vaders Openhartig’, they wanted to start the conversation, but at the same time Douwe Egberts also wanted to deepen the debate. Enter the native campaign flavoured with extra insights, relatable real-life stories, all topped with practical solutions.

Media Characteristics

Top of mind campaign for the brand giving it a high visibility during August and September. To best meet their objectives, we realized an exclusive corner on (on the homepage + « food » section) with a selection of articles showcasing « the tastes of Italy » as well as an influencer marketing campaign with Efluenz. 10 influencers have been chosen and they realized 10 posts on Instagram – 20 stories and 2 videos.

Reason best Practice

Rio Mare is a pure TV advertiser. We have been working on this proposal since 2019 and in 2020, they finally decided to give us the benefit of the doubt for their first branded content campaign, making us the « only other media partner » (except TV). This campaign was a really interesting one as the client had lots of things to say about the product (eco-responsible, fishing, the benefits of tuna…) and to highlight many of their assets and values

The corner « Tastes of Italy » was an impactful and subtle format for the readers of So Soir, a great showcase for Rio Mare and a real visibility for the tuna. Furthermore, Efluenz added its touch by involving influencers whereas the client did not believe in influencers at the time of the offer. We were able to make them change their mind and to convince them about the benefits of working with well-selected influencers



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