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November 28, 2019


Non-profit, Out Of the Box, Services, Street

Objective Campaign

Recupel, the Belgian company responsible for recycling electrical equipment, has started a campaign to raise awareness for the problem of improper recycling of old fridges and freezers. According to their research, over 200.000 of these appliances went ‘missing’ just in the last year.

The client opted for a ‘The Street’ campaign with posters covering all major Belgian cities. Street postering is a technique often used in lost and found messages, this is complementary with the campaign catchphrase ‘VERMIST’ & ‘DISPARU’.

Media Characteristics

This ‘The Street’ campaign is a product of Mediafield. It offers advertisers the chance to perform wildpostering as a form of ‘guerilla marketing’. 

The network includes posters, as well as frames, in sizes up to 2m2. A full ‘The Street’ network includes roughly 15.000 posters on 3.400 locations, of which 1.200 are indoor locations. By using a vast amount of posters in 40 different designs, Recupel created immense visibility during 2 full weeks.

Reason best Practice

Recupel should be applauded for its ingenious use of this wildpostering medium. The campaign message matches the original character of street postering by portraying the incorrectly recycled appliances as ‘went missing’. The large amount of different designs gave the impression that every poster was unique. Recupel reached an urban public, that is very accustomed to traditional advertising, by using a wild expression in the heart of cities. The campaign demonstrated the effectiveness of a well-considered, creative ‘The Street’ action on a national scale.



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