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Peugeot @ Brussels Motor Show ’18

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November 28, 2018


Billboards, Cars

Objective Campaign

In an increasingly competitive SUV market, Peugeot set out to attract the attention of potential car buyers. To achieve this, Peugeot created a memorable campaign that communicated about the fact that, seen globally, their SUV range was the leader of SUV sales (in numbers).

Media Characteristics

In order to raise awareness, an Out of Home campaign was created with a very simple visual, perfectly in line with their other media, such as TV. 

Their Out of Home communicated in the streets of Belgium, but also in the very heart of the 2018 Brussels Motor Show (parkings, foot-bridge, Astrid Hall) with a variety of non-digital but also new DOOH billboards showing parts of their TV ads.

Reason best Practice

The campaign achieved results far above expectations. Peugeot had set very high sales objectives for their month of January 2018 and by the fifth day of their 2018 car show these targets were already met, leaving them with one more week to exceed their sales expectations. 

Sales rose with 17% in comparison to sales in January 2017 & Peugeot held market dominance in the Belgian SUV segment during 2018.



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