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McDo “Served by a King or served as a king”

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March 28, 2020


Billboards, Out Of the Box, Point of Interest, Resto

Objective Campaign

The campaign’s objective was clearly to consolidate Mc Do’s local market share in the Waterloo area following the announcement of the imminent opening of a Burger King.

The goal was to emerge strongly, to surprise and to exploit a tone and a message already appreciated by consumers in order to further strengthen their loyalty to the Mc Do brand.

Media Characteristics

An extraordinary medium : imagine a 60 m2 billboard that travels every day in an area with high density of traffic and population.

A double-sided panel, therefore 2 x 60 m2, lit in the evening and overnight.
An inevitable and unzappable visibility!

Reason best Practice

It is a local campaign, which implies a limited budget and this for a powerful international brand which through humor must defend its position on a very specific restaurant.
In view of Burger King’s desire to want to make the same choice, on the same support to retort Mc Do and that Mc Do has finally doubled its campaign by carrying it out a second time, in view of the positive results in terms of influence and positive feedback from its consumers, we can say that this is a real success which will soon be rolled out in other cities too.



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