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Lidl Digital Loyalty card campaign

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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

The objective of this campaign was to win back customers. They wanted to encourage ‘sleeping’ customers to rediscover the benefits of early booking. With the help of DM to managed to detail out all the main benefits of early booking in the hotel, including in the offer. 

Media Characteristics

Format was a letter, where they targeted the ‘Sleeping’ TUI customers who booked their last TUI holidays more than 2 years ago (in 2016) 
Media mix: Point of sales, e-mail, digital (paid social, SEA, affiliate marketing, Google display ads, web push notifications) + Direct Mail.

Reason best Practice

Reason Best Practice (cont.)

Reactivate your ‘sleeping’ clients
On top of a digital campaign (email, digital), Direct Mail provides the extra tactical and personal boost to get your inactive clients reading an offer they can’t refuse
clear added value: +121 bookings, +20% conversion uplift, +16% turnover uplift

Reach those that are avoiding your email communications
On average about 15-25% open your emails (Campaign Monitor). Even less in your win back segment. But 87% of people still open their letterbox every day (Paper Reach, 2020). The letterbox is the ideal 121 channel to get top of mind again with your inactive clients

Boost drive to web with the help of DM to support your digital strategy
The letter perfectly supported the shifting reactivation strategy from TUI from agency sales to online sales. The biggest share (+/- 60%) rebooked online.

Measure via test group vs control group to discover your win back potential
TUI also tested Direct Mail on their inactive clients that didn’t book in the last 4 and 5 years. The measurements made clear their win back potential goes until 3 years back. Moreover couples where activated the most by Direct Mail, generating a short term profit of +6.076€ after.



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