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January 8, 2024



Objective Campaign

LEGO HIDDEN SIDE is a new product in the LEGO GROUP toy range where basic LEGO constructions are turned into scary sets and scenes where ghosts and phantoms roam by means of a clever augmented reality application.

In order to generate more awareness for Hidden Side, LEGO chose the Big Screen and the Touchscreens in the cinema lobby.

Brightfish created an interactive application for children of 6 and up that asked them one easy question: are you REALLY ready for Hidden Side? A challenge that took them by surprise, quite literally.

Media Characteristics

The application was playable on 39 touch screens in Flanders and Brussels.

On the first screen of the application – the ‘waiting’ screen – was a simple animation that showed the concept of Hidden Side, turning a regular LEGO set into a haunted house. This animation was put in a loop until someone activated the game. The game was started by pressing a big button at the bottom of the screen where children could easily reach it… if they dared.

The final screen then offered the children a chance to win a big LEGO prize. They just had to leave their parents’ e-mail address to participate. This data was immediately sent to LEGO who took over and contacted all participants with a LEGO themed question.

Reason Best Practice

Chanel, a premium brand with its own strict brand guidelines

For the first time LEGO advertised on the big screen in combination with an original activation by means of the digital displays in the theatres. The application was custom-made and created for the right target group leaving the children with a memorable LEGO experience.

The game was played hundreds of times and almost 400 correct and unique e-mail addresses were collected. Almost no children were scarred for life.

On top, LEGO could leverage this communication about their new product on social with the aftermovie that has been edited by Brightfish.

Lego exploite tout l’univers magique du cinéma pour entrer en interaction avec les enfants, dans les enceintes de cinéma et sur les réseaux sociaux.



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