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January 8, 2024




Kia trusted us for their campaign to position the brand as the leader on the electric car market and to highlight the wide range of electric cars (from hybrid to 100% electric). We launched a survey about the topic and asked our readers different questions to clearly understand their point of view, fears and objections regarding electric cars.

After analyzing the answers we replied to our readers’ questions by giving concrete arguments and clear information about the subject

Media Characteristics

The first phase consisted in a survey (with bannering, emailings & facebook posts) on, and to collect the opinion and knowledge consumers have about electric cars. 

For the second phase, we launched a new vertical on called « Mobilité » giving Kia the opportunity to be seen as the specialist in the automotive sector. Finally, we created a native partnerzone on and with 10 articles to inform people about electric cars..

Reason best Practice

Kia was the first and main sponsor for the launch of our new vertical « Mobilité » on the website of This campaign is an interesting demonstration of how we capitalized on the survey we conducted to learn more about our readers and then how smartly we used the information to give them concrete and clear answers about the electric car market, through qualitative editorial content and impactful formats. 

Lots of consumers are still hesitating in buying an electric car, because they still have a lot of questions and doubts. Starting with a « non-branded survey » to learn more is a very clever starting point. The content we created was very qualitative and the advertiser even decided to pursue this partnership with a second wave..



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