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March 28, 2019


Billboards, Point of Interest, Retail

Objective Campaign

Reinforcement of the end of year campaign by combining OOH with other classical media. Purpose was to create impact, the reason why the choice for Publifer with it’s out-of-the box impactful solutions.

Media Characteristics

MOF 36m² – 40 sites + a few locations with Out of the box add on Elevator Walls XL in Antwerpen-Centraal Escalator Walls in Antwerpen-Centraal DNN national campaign (132 2m² screens) Skyboard 180 at the railway station Liège-Guillemins

Reason best Practice

This campaign is a mix of efficiency & audacity. Efficiency to use out-of-home next to traditional media such as radio & television. A young and active urban population is easily to reach with OOH. 

Audacity, by using mainstream solutions (DNN/MOF) in combination with out-of-the box solutions (Elevator walls, escalators, skyboard) makes this campaign remarkable. On top of this Lidl received lots of free press coverage.



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