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H&M Vending Machine

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November 28, 2018


Fashion, Out Of the Box, Point of Interest, Retail

Objective Campaign

Bring H&M to the attention of the target audience in a disruptive way about the buying of gifts for family and friends during the holiday period.

Media Characteristics

By using an impactful & experiential format H&M disrupted the audience’s advertising exposure habits and got as much attention & reach as they wished for!

Reason best Practice

H&M revolutionized the purchase of gifts for friends & family during the holiday period by creating the first ever Fashion Automatic Vending Machine in the world.
In just a few minutes, passersby and travelers could buy an accessory from the Holiday Season collection.
The result? A global recognition of 54%, an efficiency index of 1,579 – worldwide record for an activation campaign – and a bronze AMMA ‘BEST CREATIVE MEDIA USE’.

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