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December 28, 2020


Billboards, Finance

Objective Campaign

The aim of the campaign was to showcase 90 Fintro agency managers in their own city. Fintro in association with AG wanted to accentuate the strengths of proximity and the quality of the relationship between the agency and its hyper local customers.

 90 agencies benefited from this campaign which took place over a period of 4 weeks and each agency was able to benefit from 1 week of exclusive visibility.


Media Characteristics

As part of the OOH part, this totally original campaign was deployed on a fixed digital format of 5M2 of 1 week per agency + 2h30 of mobile digital visibility of 8M2 within a radius of +/- 500m from the agency. Each agency also has an indoor poster for its agency relaying dynamic outdoor visuals.


Reason best Practice

The concept of the campaign, the approach of digital hyper proximity was proposed by Mediafield to Fintro / AG. The problem that made the difference is that Mediafield was able to find 90 locations across Belgium to place a 5m2 digital screen for 1 week. This mastery of the field and of the not always easy authorization process was a first challenge. Then, field coordination was vital in order to guarantee the planning over 3 weeks and finally the production of the 90 mini video clips including each time the photos of the managers of the agency. A unique and delicate action that required 200% involvement of the whole team.



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