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March 28, 2019


Finance, Out Of the Box, Point of Interest

Objective Campaign

FEDERALE ASSURANCE wanted to inform the inhabitants of 4 cities (Turnhout, Vilvoorde, Mouscron and Antwerp) that a new agency was opening or moving, while having personal contact with them and collecting as much information as possible to enrich their database. Inform the population in an original way while offering a service and a real experience in total coherence with the base line of Federale.

Media Characteristics

The chosen media was PUBLIDRIVERS from MEDIAFIELD. It consisted of a BMW I3 full branded vehicle with driver and assistant who drove for 1 week in each city and who offered free journeys of up to 20 km to the inhabitants. During these trips they could inform the public and also collect more information for their database.

Reason best Practice

This campaign has achieved its objectives by ensuring consistency both with well understood OOH visibility consisting of a fully wrapped vehicle and a privileged and personalized contact with its audience while respecting its base line “Federale Assurance, the insurer who shares more than just its profits with you! (FR : Federale assurance, l’assureur qui partage plus que ses bénéfices avec vous !)



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