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January 8, 2024




Roularta executed a Masturbation survey on
the Flair Community (3.678 respondents).
Insights from this research pointed out a very clear match between the Flair audience and the brand EasyToys. 
Installing out-of-the-box concepts, approved by the
Flair editorial staff, used to integrate native advertising on the website


After a successful brand awareness campaign in 2019, the partnership between EDC Retail and Roularta Brand Studio continued with an even more elaborated native campaign in 2020.

13 online articles combining editorial integration (EI) and branded stories (BS) resulted in a high frequency and ensured more brand awareness.


Out of 700 candidates, 20 women were selected for the sex toys panel. They each tested and reviewed 3 toys and shared their experiences on

The articles, launched on International Masturbation Day, accounted for over 78,000 page views.

As research insights suggested, the native articles were an absolute match with the Flair audience.

Until Sept 27, the Flair audience spend 3.611 hours reading the EasyToys native articles.

Campaign setup

Wave 1:  user experience

  • Creation of a Flair audience sex toys panel (EI)
  • Tested by the Flair audience (EI)
  • Tested by a Flair journalist (EI): review of the shopping experience on

Wave 2: product inspiration – showcase the wide range of toys

  • Staycation (EI): editorial list of toys to spice up your ‘stay@home’ time
  • Advent calendar (BS): the joy of unpacking 24 little presents
      in December

Wave 3: co-creation – connect the talents of the Flair audience and the EasyToys brand through an editorial format

  • Happy Ending Contest (EI): the Flair audience could submit their
      own entry for the weekly “Happy Ending” porna story
  • Publication of the winning story (EI):

  –  “Happy Ending” story on with according
  EasyToys products (BDSM)

  –  The editorial staff loved the idea so much they published
  the story in the print magazine



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