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January 4, 2024


Services, Transport

Objective Campaign

Target audience – The big holiday comes to an end. This makes old routines take place again. One of those routines is that parents can play taxi again for their children. They can drop them off at school, sports, youth clubs, music & art lessons, … and pick them up again a few hours later. Or you can search for alternatives.

Objectives – Raise awareness on a new product of De Lijn with their try-out subscription
Stimulate trial. The most important objective is that they get convinced by trying out the free subscription for a month.

Strategy & Execution

Toerisme Limburg took the decisThe strategy here is that De lijn directed DM towards the parents but used the first name of their children to make is very personal and recognisable. By capitalising on those recurring rituals makes it very relatable for parents. This was a strategy that hasn’t been done before and made it very original.

– Secondly, their strategy to offer a subscription for free is very smart. Because nothing as convincing than by trying it out.

– Finally, this is something that can’t be done by any other media, because you need a very targeted audience, like selectpost could do/offer. You needed the right audience to offer that kind of message and subscriptionion to be present during a whole year on the coast tram. Showing all different locations in Limburg, the center part visual was changed every 2 months

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